Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where Have I Been

How does so much time pass and I don't even realize it's been so long since I updated my blog?  I don't make New Year's resolutions, but my goal is to be better, to document the year better by writing here.  I guess I can try and catch up month by month since I last posted.  In April we celebrated Easter, I don't think I took any photos.  May brought us Memorial Day and the official start of the summer season for us.  The pool was opened and the waterfall turned back on.  In June we have three birthdays to celebrate, Kyle turned 19, Tyler turned 9 and Chris turned 21.  We also added a new family member in June.  Max arrived from Minnesota and honestly, it was a moment of asking myself "what in the world was I thinking???"  But, within a week things were better and now that he is 9 months old, we are happy he is here.  In July my friend and I made our annual trip to Maine with the kiddies, it was a relaxing, lovely time, until the night before we to leave to come home.  We knew bad weather was expected at home, with tornado watches being posted earlier in the day, and then late in the afternoon we started getting messages that a tornado had indeed hit and things were bad.  We packed up and left early the next morning to get home.  It was unbelievable the amount of damage that had been done.  Thankfully our homes were spared any damage, and the damage that was done in the yard was nothing to worry about, especially considering what some people had to go through at this time, and also less than a year before that, the flood that changed the lives of so many people in our area.  The rest of summer went by, Chris and Kyle started their fourth and second years of college and the littles went back to school. For the first time in many, many years Halloween was spent staying home, watching a movie with the kids, and having a pizza party.  No going out door to door, I was thrilled!  I have always loved taking the kids out to trick or treat, but I am over it and just didn't want to do it again, and thankfully the kids agreed.  Then came Thanksgiving, which I love very much.  Family time spent at home, the beginning of the Christmas season.   Durin the month of December we finally, after six years, were able to get the carpet put in the entire basement.  What a difference that made, and the bathroom has new flooring too. It was  huge job to move everything from room to room, since there are three bedrooms, a playroom and a family room.  There is also a combination bathroom/laundry room that was done, but not such a big deal to move out one washer and dryer!  But, it looks and feels so great, so cozy, we are so thankful to have this done finally.  Christmas was quiet, we enjoyed some time off from work and school and I tried to keep it simple and relaxed, giving us time to remember WHY we celebrate Christmas.  The new year was quietly ushered in, and the second week of January Tom and I went on a vacation to Florida together, we flew there, rented a car, and did absolutely nothing.  It was so nice, but we missed the kids.  We had not had a vacation alone since 2003, and I can tell you we won't have another one until they are all in college.
The kids are all doing really well.  Richie is happy happy happy, loving his life.  The same is true for Ashley.  I'm so happy for them and proud of them.  Chris is excited to be finishing up his four years at Elmira College.  He is looking forward to his upcoming third term trip to Brazil, then on to graduate school.  Kyle has decided to stay in college another two years, adding a degree in golf course management to his landscape design degree.  Meisi loves school, as always she does so well.  She has joined the band and does very well with the clarinet.  Ethan is doing better than ever in school, it has been a long, tough road for him, but little by little he makes progress.  He also started playing an instrument this year, but his band teacher agreed with us that he really wasn't that interested, so no more trumpet at this point in his life.  Mia is loving her teacher, and she has a new found interest in Science!  To say she is a smart girl is an understatement.  And Tyler, he is still my little lovebug.  He loves school and always always does his best.  He does well and as long as he is doing his best, we can't ask for more.  Last month he had ANOTHER set of tubes put in his ears!  They are trying a new type, so we are hopeful that they will last more than a few months.  The grandkids are all doing really well, but we are missing Tate and Jordon now that they are living away from us, hopefully they can spend some time with their dad this summer at his house so we can catch up with them.
As I sit here typing this blog entry, Tom is working hard on getting our kitchen, dining room and living room ready for new paint. We spent last week removing the last of the wallpaper in our house, we are excited to see it completely finished. 
I guess that is all for now, except to add a few photos!

The kids in Maine in July                       The courtyard of the hotel we stayed in last month reminded me of China!

Birds in the trees outside the rental home we stayin in last month, it was so peaceful!

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Sally-Girl! said...

Been thinking of you so it was nice to see that you have posted!! Kids look happy and well!!!